Phonoamorous - Close My Eyes



We're runnin' into circles

we can try

to break out from our shadows

go into light

We barely fight to see us deep inside

I really wanna close my eyes tonight

Just stop to dare to be one you can't be

can even stop to show my real me

in the end it doesn't matter what went right

I really wanna close my eyes tonight


Close my eyes – close my eyes

I really wanna close my eyes

close tonight


We wish ourselves a good day

and don't think

about the happenings just stars can bring

that we could die of heartbreak

in the night

I really wanna close my eyes tonight

I'd like to touch a new world


and wake up without pain inside my brain

I could take all our sorrows far aside

if I could really close my eyes tonight




Let me keep the breath for a second in my lungs

Wanna feel breath-taken without holding air too long.

and let me think about if I should wait or breathe out

Looking for a worth, for the sun in the clouds

Everything is fine if you never have the time

you'll never find a minute to cross the line of mind

What you look for – in the end finally?

The more you think, the more you see




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